Referral Bonus!

The Investment Incentives we published recently are definitely awesome, but we recognize that not all of our members can afford to invest in FBC with the minimum $1000.

To give those members a way to access gym membership discounts as well, FBC is offering a Referral Bonus program for all of its members!

This program works like this: 1 - Convince someone to invest at least $1000 in FBC. 2 - That investor names you as having referred them to us. 3 - For each $1000 invested by your referrals, you will receive $50 off a gym membership purchase!

It is that simple.


Also, while we listed the Investment Incentive discounts as non-transferable, we do consider them *assignable*. This means they can be given to someone else to redeem, but once redeemed they cannot be transferred.

In other words, if your parents or a relative want to invest, they can receive the tax credit, and you can receive the gym membership discounts. Cool eh?!