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Climbing Clinics

Make the most of your visit and take your climbing to the next level with a some guided instruction. Our instructors will guide a novice or seasoned climber, and boost their climbing confidence!

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Learn to Climb Package


Our Learn To Climb package is perfect for beginners looking to immerse themselves in the world of climbing!

Save over 15%!

- One-month Facility Access pass (shoe rental included)
- Climbing Clinic (2 hours)
- Chalk Ball


Climbing 101 is for adult climbers who are new to bouldering. 

Clinics offer 2-hours of dedicated instruction to include facility orientation, fall assessment and cover the basics of bouldering to establish the foundations of climbing. You'll be guided through a warm-up to prepare for climbing and instruction suited to your skill level and goals of the clinic. Recovery time is needed while training, so the two hours will allow for ample time to climb, fall and try again!


Boulder Basics is designed for beginner climbers, aged 9-17. This is a great opportunity to make the most of your visit with 2-hours of guided instruction.

Our instructors will guide a novice climber through a comprehensive safety orientation, foundational skills and skill development, and boost their climbing confidence!



Our experienced bouldering instructor will work with you one on one to guide you through the next stages to help improve your bouldering technique.

Whether it’s your first-time bouldering, or you just want to improve your technique to help you send harder problems, this class is perfect for you. Each class is specifically created based on your skill level in order to best help you develop as a climber.

Classes are one hour in length.

Interested in booking a lesson? Email us at 

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