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march 25 2023

spring send

The first official East Coast Youth Circuit 


New Brunswick's brand new Provincial Sport Organization, New Brunswick Sport Climbing, is now up and running and given this is a provincially sanctioned event, all NEW BRUNSWICK climbers competing in the afternoon competitive climb require a NBSC membership.

  • Any NB youth in categories Junior, A, B, or C looking to advance to CEC regional/national events and rank requires the annual COMPETITIVE membership.

  • Any NB youth in categories Junior, A, B, or C who are not looking to advance can purchase the annual RECREATIONAL membership OR the week-long PAY-PER-COMPETITION membership.

  • Those climbing in the unsanctioned rec scramble in the morning DO NOT require a NBSC membership.


Annual memberships cover all local sanctioned events and are valid for one year from the purchase date. Membership will automatically renew unless canceled.

New Brunswick Sport Climbing website

New Brunswick Sport Climbing Facebook page

Spring Send - Recreational Scramble

A judged scramble style comp for the Youth and Adult Recreation division.

Fun for youth & adults alike!

The recreational scramble includes prizing for top scorers ages 12 and up.

East Coast Circuit - Youth Division 

Part of the ECC 2023 Youth Circuit, this competition contributes to the provincial ranking for athletes from New Brunswick/Nova Scotia hoping to represent their provinces at Youth Bouldering Nationals.

(subject to change)

7:15 AM Check-in - Youth and Senior Recreational
7:50 AM Technical Meeting - Youth and Senior Recreational
8:00 AM-11:00 AM Event - Youth and Senior Recreational
11:05 AM Wall Strip
11:15 AM Results and prizing - Youth and Senior Recreational
11:20 AM Check-in/ Isolation - Youth Competitive
12:00 PM Isolation Closes*
12:20 AM Technical Meeting - Youth Competitive
12:30 PM-4:00 PM Event - Youth Competitive
4:05 PM Wall Strip and Set
4:30 PM Results - Youth Competitive
5:45 PM Check- in/ Isolation* - Youth Competitive Finals
6:30 PM Isolation Closes*
7:15 PM Observation - Youth Competitive Finals
7:30 PM-10:00 PM Event - Youth Competitive Finals
10:30 PM Results and prizing - Youth Competitive Finals

*Subject to change day of event


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