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About the film

This film (approximate runtime 60-70 minutes) features 5 female climbers from the U.S. and Canada converging on historic HuecoTanks, Texas, to celebrate the fiery girl gang energy that naturally happens when you get a group of strong ladies together. Coming from different backgrounds, the climbers each have a unique personality, perspective, and approach to climbing. The film will highlight those differences and show that there’s no one way to“be a climber.”With full-time jobs as a software engineer, nurse, marketing manager, dog trainer, and healthcare policy analyst, these women are not pro climbers, but they’ve dedicated their lives to getting after it and climbing hard boulder problems whenever they can. The film will also call attention to the Indigenous history of Hueco, and how climbers can responsibly and respectfully interact with such sacred ground. Girls Gone Hueco isn’t just about showcasing rad climbs, but also to show the world that women are stronger together than we are divided. But of course, there will be plenty of impressive sending going on too!

Directed by Long Truong & Julie Ellison
Cinematography by Long Truong & Julie Ellison
Produced by Midori Buechli

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