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Annual General Meeting 2023

Year-end financials take a while to prepare and, despite best efforts, this year is no exception. As we don't want to meet only to have to call everyone back just to vote in financials, we've made the decision to POSTPONE our annual general meeting until we can present a complete report of 2022 to our membership. Please watch this space for the new date.

Annual General Meeting Update

July 2023

As you may remember, last year FBC was required to become a licensed daycare provider. As such, we are required to break the camp/"daycare" side of things off into a separate company. The first steps were taken last year by the interim Executive Director (while Jennie was on mat leave), and although none of the financial side of things were broken out yet from the main company, the accountants (very last-minute, well after the AGM date had been set and triple-checked with their approval!) deemed it necessary to completely separate the 2022 financials. This was unforeseen and very frustrating! This means the main company retroactively charging the new entity for expenses, identifying all daycare-specific revenue and expenses, creating new bank and bookkeeping accounts, creating CRA accounts, and all kinds of stuff.

Luckily, Jennie (Executive Director) was recently able to deliver a key item to the accountants and hopefully should be hearing back from them soon to see where we're at and if we can get a more solid idea of when the statements will be fully prepared in order to present them to the membership.

If you have any questions you would like answered about the Annual General Meeting (or any questions about what is happening behind the scenes at FBC) please do not hesitate to reach out to management - you can reach us by email at

Join our Board of Directors!

The call for nominations is officially open! If you love climbing and the FBC community we would love to have you on our Board of Directors!


We have 3 seats up for election this year! We are looking to fill two 3-year terms and one 1-year term. Our Board of Directors meets on a semi-regular basis (6 board meetings per year) and works to achieve FBC’s short and long-term goals.


We’re looking for any and all kinds of skills, but in particular, we’d love to have folks with backgrounds in:



Program Development

Marketing and Sponsorship

or Human Resources


If you don’t fit these boxes but have another unique skill and want to contribute positively to the growth of FBC, please put forth your name for nomination!


Please send all nominations to (deadline extended). Please ensure to include your name, contact information (email) and a quick bio describing your background and why you would like to join the board.


Voting for board members will take place during the AGM.

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