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Supervision Ratios

Please keep in mind that youth ages 15 and under require adult supervision at all times.

A supervisor is a non-climbing parent or guardian over the age of 16. Ratios apply to all youth in the facility (including children in carriers).


0-5 years       1:1

6-8 years       1:2

9-11 years     1:4

12-15 years   1:6

Youth aged 12-15 can ask to be assessed for climbing without guardian supervision; requires assessment by FBC staff, and guardian's signature.

Take a look to see if there's anything going on before you come in.

Check Our Calendar

Or give us a call at 506-800-0888! 


Our regular public drop in hours are:

Sunday          10am-10pm (Half Gym 3pm-10pm)

Monday         10am-1:45pm & 5:30pm-10pm

Tuesday          7am-1:45pm & 8pm-10pm

Wednesday    7am-11:45am & 5:30pm-10pm

Thursday        7am-1:45pm & 8pm-10pm 

Friday            10am-1:45pm & 5:30pm-10pm

Saturday        8am-10pm

Womxn's Climb 8am-9:30am,

Members Only Climb 9:30am-11am

We are closed to the public on weekday afternoons for our Afterschool Camp.


Tuesday and Thursday evenings are reserved for Members Only and Youth Programming. First Time Guests and non-members are asked to climb at an alternate times.