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Chaperone Supervision Ratios

All youth 15 years and younger MUST have adult supervision while they climb.

A chaperone/supervisor is a non-climbing parent or guardian over the age of 16. Ratios apply to all youth in the facility (including children in carriers).

The following ratios are in place to protect the safety of the youth as well as the other climbers in the facility.


     Age        Ratio

0-5 years       1:1

6-8 years       1:2

9-11 years     1:4

12-15 years   1:6

Youth aged 12-15 can ask to be assessed for climbing without guardian supervision; requires assessment by FBC staff, and guardian's signature.


It is the responsibility of the chaperones to ensure that the climbers in their care are following the safety policies of the facility and respecting the other climbers in the gym. FBC is used by a wide audience, including climbers who are training to compete nationally, meaning that they are using the space for serious training - not just for fun.

Safety and Facility Policies that are of particular importance for chaperones to enforce:

1) No running. 

2) Off the wall, off the mats - this means that a climber is only on the crash mats to walk to and from climbing a route, not to move about the facility. If they are on the mats, they are in what is considered to be the "fall zone", meaning a climber could fall on them.

3) Be aware of surroundings - climbers need to make sure that they are not climbing beneath someone or too close beside them, there should be a healthy two-arm's length distance between climbers.

4) No chewing gum, food, or drink on the crash mats.

5) Be respectful of the space, staff, and other climbers.




Public Drop In Access Passes

Ages 5 & Under

Ages 6-11

Ages 12+

Shoe Rental





Climbing shoes are required for all participants

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