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Public Statement Regarding COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Fredericton Bouldering Co-op (FBC) would like to acknowledge the urgency of prioritizing the health and safety of all patrons and staff of our facility, as well as the wider community and beyond, during this public health emergency. While the Chief Medical Officer of Health states that the current risk in New Brunswick is low, we recognize the importance of vigilance and extra precaution at this time.

Until further notice, FBC will remain open to the public with the expectation and understanding that all patrons will voluntarily comply with and staff and volunteers enforced to comply with the following action plan:

  • All patrons, staff and volunteers who have traveled by plane within the last 3 weeks must  remain off-site for 14 days after their travel while self-monitoring their condition of health and showing no signs of illness before returning to climb at FBC.

  • All patrons, staff and volunteers exhibiting any signs of illness to remain at home and call 811 for direction.

  • If a parent/guardian of a program participant falls into this category, they can contact FBC to make arrangements for drop-off and pick-up.

  • More frequent and thorough disinfection of surfaces and objects including but not limited to: toys, tables, countertops, door handles, light switches, telephones, computers, POS equipment, sinks, toilets, etc.

  • All patrons and program participants use proper handwashing before and after climbing.

  • As always, climbing shoes are not permitted in the washrooms.

  • All patrons must sneeze or cough into the inside of their elbow.

  • Additional supply of hand sanitizer is being provided in the facility.

  • In advance of the arrival of public sanitizing wipe dispensers, patrons may request staff to disinfect equipment at any time in addition to its routine cleaning.

There will be no penalties for rescheduling your upcoming bookings and events as necessary.

FBC is making preparations to act in the event that further action should be taken, aligning with recommendations by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick. In the event that FBC must temporarily close its doors, rest assured that all monthly and yearly passes will be frozen, and all bookings refunded and/or rescheduled.


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