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NB re-opening Phase 2, and what that means for FBC

New Brunswick was in Phase 1 of re-opening for one day only! And now we're into Phase 2. This means:

  • You can hang out with all of your family and friends now!! We're pumped for everyone about this; it's been a long road for many.

  • We will be upping the capacity to 40 people effective immediately for most timeslots aside from 1 hour bookings.

  • Capacity number may change as we go based on a number of variables

  • Time slots remain in place for now.

  • Masks are still mandatory. With additional people in the facility, please be mindful of those around you as you pull your mask down to drink your water.

  • Beer, etc. - no change; we still require being seated upstairs, but we should be able to use the bar space again soon!

  • The various GNB departments applicable to our operations have not released their own updates yet, so we will update as needed based on any further guidelines.


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