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Welcome to Green!

Together, we are starting to come out the other side of this. Here’s an update:

We are cautiously optimistic and will be moving forward with phased lifting of restrictions with the careful consideration that we have a large population of children under 12 in the facility each day, as well as other vulnerable clients and staff. We recognize that there is ongoing risk since NB's borders have recently opened to the rest of the country, and it is important for us to monitor what impact this may have.


- We ask you to continue to stay home if

you're feeling sick or have two or more symptoms.

- Please continue to sanitize your hands as you enter, and wash your hands at the sink before you begin your climb.

- Please remain considerate of the personal space of those around you that are not in your friend and family groups.

- Summer camp and public climbing will continue to have separate climbing times for the remainder of the summer, through September 3rd.

- Disinfecting will continue between every public and camp changeover.

- Booking time slots will be phased out. A schedule of groups, events and public climbs will remain on our website and on the RGPro Connect app for your convenience.

- A capacity of 40 will remain in place for the time being.

- Occupancy counter will remain on our website and on the RGPro Connect app.

- Masks while on the climbing wall will no longer be mandatory, HOWEVER they remain required otherwise in the facility for the time being. Please wear it under your chin, etc. and refrain from putting it down on a shared surface.


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