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January - April (registration opens December)


May - June (Registration opens April)

September - December (registration opens August)

Email to be put on the email list for upcoming sessions.

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Active Start 

Ages 5 & 6.

Our Active Start programs run once a week for 45 minutes, focusing on young climbers seeking new skills and experience! We ask that your little climber is at least 5 years old by the program start date.


FUNdamentals (ages 7-9)

Ashley Jones

Ages 7 - 9.

Our FUNdamental program provides one hour of coaching each week and includes a facility access pass for the duration of the program. Bring your climber in on the weekend to practice their skills outside of class! If you require rental shoes for the program, your shoe rental fee includes shoes outside of class time as well.

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Recreational Teams

Tess Brown

Ages 10 -12.

Beginner pre-teen climbers will love this class!

As FUNdamental movements and skills are consolidated, climbers are given the tools necessary to pursue climbing (or athletics in general) as a lifelong pursuit, including learning the foundations needed to participate in elite training, should that interest them.


Recreational Teams

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Ages 10-12 (Rec Team 1)
Ages 13-17 (Rec Team 2)


Rec Team 1: This pre-teen recreational team focuses on developing a growth mindset in order to learn all sorts of new skills. Participants are given the tools necessary to take on any challenge with patience, perseverance, and a good attitude. 

Rec Team 2: This recreational team for teens focuses on refining a growth mindset and creating an ideal learning environment. Participants will challenge themselves to learn a variety of skills in a non-competitive and supportive environment, with the hope that they will develop an appreciation for sport such that they remain active for life.

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