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New Procedures

Hi all,

As expected, we have a few updated procedures to help facilitate the government recommended guidelines surrounding COVID-19.

The biggest difference about our facility compared to other fitness facilities is our shared surface that is the climbing wall and holds. Our best practices include the following: -Higher frequency cleaning of common surfaces.

-Hand sanitizer stations through-out the facility.

-Plexi-glass installed at cash to protect you and our staff.

-Floor markers to guide distancing on and off the crash-mats.

-Thorough disinfection of rental shoes.

-Check-in at the desk, and check-out when you leave.

-As always, no climbing shoes in the washroom

Additionally, we will be introducing the following items:

Active Screening: Patrons are required to self screen and have their temperature checked upon arrival through contact-less infared thermometer

Enhanced Hygiene Etiquette: Please sanitize your hands upon entry. Wash hands before and immediately after climbing, and sanitize during each break (provided throughout the facility).

Communal chalk remains unavailable at this time; we have an order of liquid chalk and chalk balls on its way for purchase.

What else we're doing for FBC Programs:

In alignment with Recreation NB guidelines, at this time masks are not mandatory during climbing lessons if distancing can be maintained aside from brief contact. They remain recommended and our coaches will be wearing them during class.

Max group size is 6 + 1 coach, ages 5-6 max group size is 4 + 1 coach. We will keep you posted if we have to modify these procedures further. Thank you all for doing your part and helping us keep our doors open to you!


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