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NB Recovery Phase: RED

Hello everyone. As you likely know, our region has been pushed into the Red Phase of COVID-19 recovery. We will be closed to the public until further notice. Here is some information in regards to questions you may have:

MONTHLY and ANNUAL pass holders: Your pass will be frozen, resuming upon re-open.

PUNCH CARD holders: Your climbs don't expire anyway!

AFTERSCHOOL CAMP: We are permitted to continue service for our afterschool families only! We'll operate for our NORMAL hours, afterschool to 5:30 pm.

SKILLS CLASSES: Classes are paused during the closure, and we have some leeway before summer to tack classes on to the end of the session.

YOUTH TEAM: Formal classes are paused during the closure; the coach will provide training plans that can be followed at home.

PARTIES AND EVENTS: We're happy to allot any deposits made on parties and events to a new date, chosen later at your convenience.

We don't expect to have to be closed for as long as last time! Fingers crossed we can push through this quickly and we'll see you on the other side! Many thanks for your ongoing support.


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