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Keeping Up With The Co-Op - July 2022

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

July 18th Update

Summer Drop In Hours

Effective July 11th, Summer Drop-In hours changes to the following:

Monday - Friday: 6am - 8am and 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Saturday: 11am - 10pm

Womxn's Climb (8am - 9:30am) and Members' Only Climb (9:30am - 11am) will continue to run as normal

Sunday: 10am - 10pm.

Half Gym will remain 3pm -10pm to allow for route setting

Retroactive Access Pass Freeze

Summer Drop-In hours on Mon-Fri have changed due to Early Childhood Education licensing requirements. We understand that many of you purchased an access pass assuming you would have access to the gym for the majority of the day, 7 days per week. For this reason - we are taking the following actions to reduce the financial impact of our schedule changes on pass holders:

  • Active passes will be frozen retroactively as of July 11th, 2022

    • Until August 27th, 2022 when our childcare offering hours reduce to 2pm-5:30pm, Mon-Fri

    • From now until August 27th, pass holders are still permitted to climb during our open hours regardless of the pass freeze

  • We are actively searching for a location to relocate our After School and Summer Camp care. Space requirements include:

    • Minimum 1100 sq ft

    • Natural light (windows)

    • Within walking distance (for young children - 15 minutes) of FBC OR

    • With adequate ceiling height and infrastructure to build a small bouldering wall

    • Parking or a designated pick-up/drop-off zone

Please send leads on spaces to

Facility Upgrades

On July 17th, we moved the hold storage out of the training area and replaced it with an additional weight rack, a rowing machine, and a new, full set of dumbbell weights. We encourage feedback on the setup as we will be further optimizing the layout.

We also began the process of re-painting the lobby and locker room. We intend to maximize our time over the rest of the summer while drop-in is closed and the campers are outside by continuing to perform these types of upgrades.


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