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Sat-Sun: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Please note that bookings are available outside of Open Climb hours.
Fredericton Bouldering Co-op
3-528 Smythe St
Fredericton, NB
E3B 3E6
In the back of the Smythe-Dundonald Plaza, around the corner from Papa John's!
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FBC League Night

Come join the fun on Mondays starting March 9th for League Night at FBC! 

Competitors will work as a team to earn the most points and win prizes each night and at the end of the series. Submit a team of 3-4 climbers, climb your heart out, win prizes! 


  • Each league lasts 4 weeks. Leagues will occur on a regular basis through out the year.

  • Climbers can join the league in groups of 3-4. 

  • Teams can and should include climbers of all ability levels.

  • At the start of the league series, competitors will submit their Target Grade. This grade will be used to measure their performance each week. 

  • Each Sunday during the series, 1 problem of each grade from V2-V9 will be set. These are considered League Problems.

  • Competitors may inspect visually (no touching!) but must not climb the League Problems before 6pm Monday evening.

  • Monday 6pm-9pm, League Problems are open for competitors to work.  

  • At 9pm, score cards are submitted and scoreboard updated.

  • Climbing a problem at your Target Grade will give you 100 points. 

  • Climbing a problem one grade below your Target Grade will give you 90 points, etc. 

  • Climbing a problem one grade above your Target Grade will give you 110 points, etc.

  • Flashing a problem gives you a 25% bonus.

  • Climbing problems above your target grade on a regular basis will result in your target grade increasing. 

  • Each week, 6 scores from your team will be recorded, with at least 1 from each team member being recorded. 

  • At the end of the series, points are tallied and prizes awarded to top teams! 

  • NB: Target Grades are backed by the honour system, but if a climber consistently climbs above their Target Grade, it will be adjusted.