After School F.A.Q.
  • The Basics

    Who, what, where, when & why?

    Do I need to inform my child's teacher that they will attend FBC After School Camp?

    Yes, please inform the teacher which days your child plans to attend our After School Camp. Your child's teacher will direct them to us each day and our Leaders will meet your child at the allocated spot.

    How does pick-up/drop-off work?

    Leaders walk on foot to your child's school or the designated bus stop and pick-up at the assigned location, and take attendance. Please note the school has the most current information on bus numbers and bus stops.

    Does my child need indoor/climbing shoes for After School Camp?

    No - climbing shoes are provided, and suffice for all indoor activities.

    Do I need to send a snack for After School Camp? 

    Snacks are highly encouraged! We have a few on-site snacks for purchase. Please inform our leaders if your child is not allowed to purchase items from our Cafe.

    What is the ratio of leaders to campers?

    For youth aged 5-12, the ratio is 1 leader for up to 8 climbers.

    What kind of activities will my child be doing?

    Climbing of course! But not just climbing. Weather dependent, our leaders will take the kids to the park to explore, skate, sled, hit the splash pad or play field games. In-gym, we've loaded up on board games, crafts and a variety of indoor group games.

  • Attendance & Schedule

    Sick day?

    Storm day?


    My child will be absent/late, do I need to inform FBC?

    Yes! Please communicate any absences or late arrivals with our team by 11am. Contact us directly at or call us at 506-800-0888 ext 101.

    Do you provide care on PD/Storm days?

    Yes. Full-time campers have priority, and then part-time, and finally non-ASC participants. If a PD/Storm day falls on a day your child regularly attends, there is no extra fee; if it falls on a day your child does not regularly attend, the single day fee is $18. 

    Should weather be too severe to open, we will notify parents via email, and post our closure on our social media.

    Do you offer camp over holiday breaks in December or March?

    Yes we do! Enrollment priority is given to After School Campers before it opens to the public.

    Do you offer camp over statutory holidays?

    No, we do not provide camp on statutory holidays, however our facility is typically open.

  • Registration & Payment


    Do I need to be a FBC Co-op Member to enroll my child?

    All families will be required to have an Fredericton Bouldering Co-op Membershare to register. We are a co-op and our mandate is to serve our members. Only one parent is required to hold a membership to register a child for after school camp. The cost is $100 tax-free for a lifetime membership which gets you access to other perks as well including discounts on summer camp and general climbing passes.

    What is the best way to register?

    Online! Visit our online booking page. For ease of booking, be sure to 'Create A Profile.'

    What is your un-enrolment policy?

    If you'd like to withdrawal your child or make permanent changes to your childs attendance days, we require 30-days notice, prior to the next billing date.

    When are payments due?

    Payments are collected monthly, via our Pre-Authorized Billing, cheque, or in-gym payments. You can set-up Pre-Authorized Billing online, or in-gym. We can can also hold onto post-dated cheques.

    When will I receive my tax receipt for child care expenses?

    You will receive your annual summary tax receipt by email in January each year.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact us!